Radio PX Uniden Pro 505 LX 40 Canais

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Marca Uniden
Uniden PRO510XL professional 40 Channel CB Radio. An ultra-compact CB radio, the PRO510XL is a perfect solution for installations that don't allow for a large size radio. This radio only incorporates the most essential features for a CB radio. This is the secret that allows the PRO510XL to be one of the smallest on the market. Its small size and incredible durability make this CB a favorite for off road drivers and farm vehicles.

The PRO510XL from Uniden is a great talking radio that doesn't have many bells and whistles, however, the PRO510XL has all the essential features that will keep you safe while on the road whether for work or fun.

A full 4 watts of RF output the same FCC legal standard for all CB radios is working hard for you in the PRO510XL. Automatic noise limiter is selectable by front panel switch you decide when to cut background noise, bright easy to see channel indicator and Transmit, S/RF digital meter provide the most important data at a glance. The front mount Dynamic mic just sounds good, no over modulation or excess feedback from this mini-titan!

If you are needing a radio with Public Address capability and a few more features the Uniden PRO520XL mobile may be just the CB radio for you.

Uniden PRO510XL Features:

Superheterodyne Circuit with Phase Locked Loop technique for precise frequency control


ANL Switch


Channel Indicator

Channel Selector

Squelch/Volume Control knob

Front Mount Microphone Jack

UHF SO239 Antenna Connector

What's included in the Box

PRO510XL CB Radio


Mounting Bracket

Mounting Hardware

Other printed material


40 AM Channels

26.965 to 27.504 MHz frequency range

Phase Locked Loop (PLL) synthesizer frequency control

+/- 0.005% frequency tolerance

Dynamic plug-in microphone

13.8 V DC nom. Input Voltage

Current Drain TX full mod 1.7A, RX with max audio output, 1.7A

Size 4 1/2" x 6 3/4" c 1 3/8"

Weighs 1 pound 9 ounces

UHF SO239 Antenna connector

LED meter indicates relative RF output and received signal strength


power output is 4 watts

Modulation is Class B amplitude modulation

Frequency Response is 300-2500 Hz

Output Impedance is 50 ohms, unbalanced


Selectivity 6 dB @ 7 kHz, 70 dB @ 10 kHz typical

Image rejection 80 dB typical

IF frequency is 1st 10.692 MHz and 2nd 450 kHz

Automatic Gain control is less than 10 dB change in audio output for inputs from 10-50,000 microvolts

Squelch is adjustable with a threshold less than 1

Audio output power is 7 watts max, into 8 ohms

Frequency response is 300-2000 Hz

Distortion is less than 10% at 4 watts, 1000 Hz

Internal speaker is 16 ohms, 3 watts round

Two year manufacturer warranty


Size: radios measures 1 3/8" H x 4 1/2" W x 6 3/4" D.

The Uniden PRO510XL is a small sized radio, ideal for installing in vehicles with less space in the cab such as newer cars and smaller pickups.

CB World carries an in-dash mounting kit for this CB radio.

Mounting this radio in dash will require the installation of an external CB speaker

The power cable for this CB radio is permanently attached to the back of the radio. You will need to route the cable from the mounting location to the power source.

Please note that this radio does not have a built-in SWR meter. You will need an external SWR meter (like the AUSWR) in order to tune your antenna system for optimal performance. See our Help Center's article How to Tune a CB Antenna for additional information.
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