Marcador Luxe 1.9 Paintball Gun - Black / Gold

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Marcador Luxe 1.9 Paintball Gun - Black / Gold
Product Description

DLX Luxe 1.9 Paintball Gun New Features:
Screw In Detents: This new feature will prevent your detent covers from coming off the gun.
Redisigned On/Off Cover The new On/Off Button Cover was redesigned to prevent the color on it from fading.
Higher Quality Precision Milling: The milling design will remain the same but the quality and precision cuts will be better than ever.
Reinforced Electronic Board Connection Ports: All connection ports are reinforced for better durability.
You can almost see the brilliance coming from the DLX Luxe, Smart Parts newly manufactured high end paintball gun. The DLX Luxe, Other than its shilling beauty, the Luxe is loaded with all of today's fancy technology, putting it ABOVE the "high-end" gun class and into its own luxury brand. Sure there might be a lot of "hype" built around this gun right now, but as soon as you own one you will understand why it’s the best gun on the market. The Luxe was designed to perform for tournament play, keeping in mind every player's need for general maintenance, cleaning, and configuration while under little to no time. The Tool-less and hose-less design make it like no other gun ever released. Top pro teams like SanDiego Dynasty, Philadelphia Americans, and the Portland Naughty Dogs are shooting the Luxe now and the victories are stacking up faster than we have ever seen a gun dominate the tournament seen. Once again the high end standard in paintball has been set. Don’t be left behind!!!
DLX Luxe Features:
Feather-Light Manifold
Audible voice is used to denote marker status, adjustment mode, etc
Tool-less field strip for the firing assembly and eye/detent covers
Optional grip-routed air supply through the frame (LE only) using the special Luxe foregrip regulator, no macroline.
Compatible with a standard vertical regulator and screw-in ASA combo if needed (uses macroline).
Beam-break anti-chop eyes.
Integrated piston detents.
Cam-lock feedneck.
Five available languages (English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish).
Multiple adjustment settings, and a variety of base firing modes (Semi, PSP, NXL, Fully Auto, & Much Much More.).
Rechargeable Lithium-polymer power source, yields approximately 25,000 shots per full charge.
Battery charger and one spare battery included.
Smart Parts barrel thread (fits Ion/XE/SP1/SP8/Vibe, Nerve, Shocker NXT, Impulse).
Freak barrel included.
4 Point Fully adjustable trigger (post travel, pre travel, firing point, retention weight)
Indirect-acting solenoid (Parker model, low power use, easy serviceability).
Weight is 27.3 ounces, or 774 grams.
Carrying case and spares kit included.
Punishers Red Carpet Warranty Service

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